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Welcome to our new Trustees

We are delighted to announce three new Trustees to our Board.

Stella Shyanguya comes originally from Kenya and was recommended by Coordinator Jess, who was her Befriender 4 years ago in Yarls Wood. Stella also has experience as a legal secretary and has first-hand experience of asylum law. Stella will bring a much needed voice as an expert by experience to Yarls Wood Befrienders and will allow us to make sure that we grow and develop with the core beneficiaries in clear focus.

Jivan Dempsey has been a Befriender for 2 years and was recommended by Coordinator Lou who has worked closely with Jivan these past 18 months and greatly values her skills and empathy as a Befriender. Jivan is a qualified psychologist and her knowledge of human behaviour and trauma have helped her really understand the core of the work we do. Jivan runs her own business and has strong HR and management insights which will help us to raise support for the vulnerable and raise their voice to fight for justice and fairness in managing those who seek safety or a new life.

Isabelle Sykes was a Befriender when she was in her late teens / early 20s and this experience helped shape her career. Isabelle has extensive experience working with women internationally in health care provision and has a broad understanding of the challenges they face. Isabelle brings with her a much needed skill set of fund raising, strategic planning and business management and we look forward to working together to build Yarls Wood Befrienders in our work.

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