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Art Therapy

We have been running online courses for the people we work with post detention, including Art Therapy with our volunteer Maggie.

We are delighted to be able to share some of the pictures produced in the sessions, and here's what one of our participants had to say about her artwork (pictured left)

“This is unleashed meaning of this my piece of drawing. You will be amazed what art can do to the mind, spirit, soul and body! For example this drawing, displayed my emotions at the time of creating it, my emotions which were all over the place. And in the tide of these emotions, I saw a wheel of colours, and I concentrate my gaze on my favourite colours, which were Purple and green, immediately a calmness feeling came over me and there was stability instantly, then I was able to see the beauty of the flower plant, the greens underneath my feet and I was able to sit awhile in the tranquility of the moment."

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