New appointments at YWB

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Mitchell, currently employed as Finance and Fundraising Officer, has been appointed as Interim Director from 1st March. Rachel has been with the organisation for almost 10 years, having started doing a couple of hours a week administrative support. Rachel’s responsibilities have gradually increased in the past 10 years, as have her hours, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role.

Recruitment for the permanent Director role will begin in the coming weeks, following a review by the board of the organisation’s current needs.

Rachel will continue to fulfil many of her current responsibilities while in the Director role. In order to allow her to do this, we have recruited a second coordinator to work alongside Jess. We are very happy to be welcoming Louise (Lou) Armitt, who will be joining us in March.

Caroline will be leaving us on 28th February. She is currently converting a Fiat Ducato into a camper van, and plans to take some time out to explore the UK with her dog, Aggie, over the summer. We wish her happy adventures, and thank her for her leadership over the past few years.

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