Summer Fete 2016

Fortunately for us, the day of the summer fete in Yarl’s Wood, Saturday 23rd July, happened to be one of the most gorgeous days of the summer. YWB volunteers, with sun cream and sun hats, manned the fairground games and the food and drink stall.

Red Cuthbert Morris Group kindly came along to entertain us, the YWIRC choir sang for everyone, and some local musicians played too.

Serco staff helped out enormously with organising the fairground games, candyfloss and popcorn, and the prizes. Everyone joined in to make it a day to remember.

The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. People won raffle tickets at each of the games and there was a grand raffle at the end with loads of prizes for people.

It seemed like people were able to forget that they were in detention, and for a few hours it felt like they were just having fun with friends in the sunshine.

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