Strategic Support for 2016

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to be part of the 2016 leadership programme, run by The Harpur Trust and The Cranfield Trust.

The programme is designed to strengthen and develop Bedford based voluntary organisations by providing funding and intensive management support to help them become more sustainable in the challenging climate.

Having undertaken a thorough review of our operations we have identifying a number of areas for support and development. As a result of that we have been allocated a volunteer consultant by The Cranfield Trust, and as our first project of the two-year programme, we will start work in the coming weeks on developing a detailed business plan for the organisation.

In addition to this, we will receive core funding from The Harpur Trust to enable us to devote time and energy to the programme.

This is a great opportunity, and has come at an ideal time for us as an organisation. The board of trustees and the staff are enthused to get some expert support to take the organisation forward.

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