Why do we help?

Can you imagine being locked up in a strange place indefinitely without family or friends? You may have little understanding of the system or even the language. You could have been detained with only the clothes you stand up in.

Sadly, that is often the reality for people held in immigration detention.

Many of ‘our’ women are victims of trafficking, torture, female gentile mutilation, forced marriage, or physical and sexual violence and abuse. They may be at risk of persecution in their own country for their sexual orientation or religion. They may be self-harming, suicidal, have post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental health issues.

Detainees can be vulnerable, isolated and frightened. Many are young, speak no English, and know no-one in this country. They are held for an indefinite time and understand little about the legal system. New to the UK or here for many years, the experience of detention can be traumatic, and can have a long term detrimental effect on people’s mental health.