Detainee Stories

Detainee Stories

(Names have been changed for confidentiality)

Her brothers are members of an opposition political party in Congo Brazzaville. She was arrested and imprisoned, and interrogated as to the whereabouts of her family members. She witnessed her 14-year-old nephew shot in front of her. In official (police) custody she was raped 3 times a day for 3 months. Eventually she escaped with the help of a guard who has been bribed by her family. On arrival to the UK she claimed political asylum. Her case was badly represented by her legal representative who neglected to refer to the rape.

The daughter of a political activist in Uganda, she saw her family murdered. She was then repeatedly raped and tortured in an attempt to find the hiding location of her father. During her claim for asylum UK immigration attempted to remove her twice, both times she sustained serious injuries. The second time her injuries were so bad that she was taken from the plane in Uganda in a wheel chair. Paperwork complications meant she was kept at Entebbe airport for 2 days and then returned to UK. Befrienders witnessed her injuries; a civil complaint was made but was dropped by the police on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

From Togo, an active member of a political party which won the election of 24/04/05, but after the death of the president her son entered in to a collaboration of Armed forces. Many activists have been beaten to death; some incarcerated in the jail, others taken to an unknown destination. Because of her political persuasion this lady was gang raped by 7 men and as a result sustained injuries and infection. The country is presently preparing for civil war. She has been refused Asylum in the UK and will shortly be returned to Togo. A civil servant, with first class degree, a teacher of philosophy in a grammar school, but because of her origin she will not be able to continue her career, as she is not of the same origin as the current president.

Having escaped torture in Uganda, she claimed asylum in UK. During her time detained in YWIRC she decided that she would rather starve herself to death than be returned to her fate in Uganda. Befrienders helped her through this harrowing time. It was revealed that her solicitor had not arranged for a Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture report, and this would be critical in her case. It was also revealed that her lawyer has in general represented her case badly and missed critical information.